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How to Play


Anagram Bagels is a variant of the classic game Bagels (also known as Bulls and Cows or Mastermind) where the secret clue and guesses must all be English words. The computer randomly selects a word and a set of letters that may be used in guesses and tells you how many letters are in the word. In response to each guess, the computer responds with whether each letter was in the correct place, a correct letter but in the wrong place, or an incorrect letter. For example, if the secret word was swept and you guessed trees, the computer would respond as follows:

t r e e s
This indicates that the middle e is the correct letter in the correct position, the secret word has a t and s in it, but not in those positions, and that the secret word does not have an r or another e.


You can enter letters in any order; the current letter being edited is highlighted with a yellow border. Clicking/tapping on the position for another letter will select it. In order to aid in entering letters out of order, letters may be frozen by clicking the sun (🌞) above the entry box which will toggle it to a snowflake (❄) to indicate that letter is frozen. If no letter had been entered in that position but a previous guess had revealed the correct letter for that position, it will be copied in automatically.

The buttons for entering letters will change color to convey the knowledge from the computer's responses. The colors will match those of the responses, and, additionally, will be slightly grayed out variants of those colors if the next letter to be entered is a position that is definitely not that letter (e.g. if another letter is already known match there).