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How to Play


Fill out the crossword puzzle using only the available letters as clues.

The available letters are the anagram of a secret word which is in the crossword. The other words in the crossword use some or all of those letters. If a letter is only listed once, then you can only use it once in your guesses.

You win by guessing all of the clues in the crossword. If you guess a word that is not in the crossword, it will be listed in your guesses and categorized as either a common word (in the 50,000 most common English words according to the word list) or a bonus word (any other correctly spelled English word). After winning, you can continue trying to guess more common/bonus words or click the "Next Game" button to move onto the next crossword.


You can enter letters in any order; the current letter being edited is highlighted with a yellow border. Clicking/tapping on the position for another letter will select it. In order to aid in entering letters out of order, letters may be frozen by clicking the sun (🌞) above the entry box which will toggle it to a snowflake (❄) to indicate that letter is frozen.

Words that do not use all of the words can be written simply by leaving spaces blank. Note that empty spaces can be frozen to make this easier.

All of your guesses are listed at the bottom, most recent at the top.


Clues: 0/?, Other common words: 0/?, Bonus words: 0